About LSHP

Lone Star High Performance is a region program that allows the best players in the Lone Star region to train together and compete at the High Performance Championships. Athletes tryout as individuals across the region and are selected based on skill and ability. Athletes will compete at an international level and play international rules.

About Boys LSHP

For the past three years, the Lone Star, North Texas, and Oklahoma regions have combined our boys' high performance program under the name Texoma HP. Texoma teams won gold, silver, and bronze medals at the HP Championships! This year, we will be known as Lone Star High Performance (LSHP), consisting of boys from only the Lone Star Region. We are excited to build even more history under the LSHP name.

About High Performance Championships

The High Performance Championship is one of USA Volleyball’s flagship events. The 100+ team event features tournaments for both boys and girls that include teams from USA Volleyball Region HP teams, International teams and teams from the USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline. Past International teams have included: Brazil, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and Puerto Rico. More info.

About USAV Region High Performance Program

Region High Performance Programs are the regional branches of USA Volleyball’s National HP Program. Region HP Programs are operated by the USAV Region that sponsors the program in order to provide junior athletes with high-level training and skill development with some of the top coaches from their region. Many regions also send teams to USA Volleyball’s High Performance Championships, providing more athletes the opportunity to compete in the highest level junior tournament available in the United States and the only international tournament sponsored by USA Volleyball. Learn more about the National Indoor, Beach, and Regional HP programs.